General Council Business Committee elections

The General Council appoints 20 members to the General Council Business Committee. Members of academic staff (who are also members of the General Council) are eligible for nomination. The term of office will be four years.

The General Council Business Committee acts on behalf of the General Council in matters within its powers, including those delegated by the University Court or Senate. The Business Committee makes representations to the Court on Ordinances and Resolutions.

The Convenor of the Business Committee reports to the General Council at statutory Half-Yearly Meetings of the General Council. The Committee comprises the Principal, two General Council Assessors, twenty Elected Members and the Clerk to the General Council. The Committee meets four times per year (in-person and online) and Members also attend the two Half-Yearly Meetings of the General Council meetings.

Elections will take place online, and the name(s) of the newly elected member(s) will be confirmed at the next Half-Yearly Meeting of the General Council.

Elections for the 2024 General Council Business Committee

The half yearly meeting is scheduled to take place on Tuesday 30 January 2024. 

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