General Council Elections

Members of the General Council can be elected to represent their fellow members in two ways; as members of the General Council Business Committee, or as General Council Assessors to the University Court.

There are twenty elected members of the General Council Business Committee, including two General Council Assessors to the University Court.

How to vote

If you registered to vote, please note that voting is open from 9 am (BST) Monday 9 May and will remain open until 5 pm (BST) on Friday 13 May. During this time you can log in to cast your vote using the UofG Life App.

There are two vacancies for Court Assessors, and one vacancy on the General Council Business Committee. Read about the candidates standing for each election on the GC web pages here. You are welcome to select as many candidates as you wish for each election, numbering them in order of preference.

If you experience any issues, please raise a call via the University's IT helpdesk, including as many details as possible.

Successfully elected members will be announced at the Half-Yearly Meeting of the General Council on Tuesday 24 May 2022 at 4 pm (BST). For further information about the meeting, and how to join please click here.