Court Assessors

The General Council appoints two elected Court Assessors who represent their fellow members on Court. . Members of staff of the University are not eligible for this role, although they may support a nomination as a proposer or seconder. The term of office is four years, and the elected candidates will also automatically become members of the General Council Business Committee.

The University of Glasgow Court is the governing body of the University and is sometimes compared to the Board of Directors of a company. Its powers have been defined over a number of years, commencing in 1858 when the Court was first established, and are set out in a series of Acts of Parliament, the Universities (Scotland) Acts 1858-1966, and subsidiary regulations and ordinances.

The Court has ultimate responsibility for the deployment of resources in the University and for the strategic plans of the institution. It also has a monitoring role in relation to the overall performance of the University, and it holds the Principal accountable for the effective and efficient management of the University. It is responsible for the well-being of staff. With the Senate, it is responsible for the well-being of students and for the reputation of the University. The Court has 25 members and meets in full session five times a year.

Elections for the 2022 General Council Court Assessors (two vacancies)

The deadline for nominations has now closed.

Voting opens (for those who have registered) on Monday 9th May and will close at 5pm (BST) on Friday 13th May.  Read more about the candidates standing for election here.

The names of the newly elected Court Assessors will be confirmed at the Half-Yearly Meeting of the General Council on Tuesday 24 May 2022. Click here for further information about the meeting and how to join.