Conference Theme

Teaching quality affects the richness of student learning and shapes the learning environments and access to those. Quality teaching also considers students’ social and cultural identities and provides opportunities for rich educational experiences for students from diverse backgrounds and circumstances. In this sense, equitable quality teaching is key to addressing the challenges of today’s educational landscape as it leads to social justice and sustainable development.

Research in this area questions what it means to support student learning with inclusive and equitable teaching practices, the kind of knowledge and skills teachers need to address these challenges, the main tenets of inclusive curriculum design, and socially just learning environments addressing the needs of students from different backgrounds in sustainable ways.

Evidence shedding light on these areas will inform teachers, teacher educators and policymakers. Therefore, ISATT 2025 will encourage submissions addressing the connections between quality teaching and equity as well as the characteristics of quality teaching paving the way for socially just classrooms. The submissions can address one or more of the following sub-themes:

  • Characteristics of quality teaching
  • Research on equitable teaching practices
  • Addressing social justice by leveraging technology and innovative approaches
  • Curriculum design for equitable teaching
  • Equity and inclusion in teacher education
  • Reconciling tensions for a new social contract in education
  • Promoting equity and inclusion through effective partnerships with schools