Deciding What To Study on the MA (Social Sciences Degree)

New entrants to the MA (Social Sciences) usually choose to study for a degree in a single subject area such as Politics, Geography or Business & Management.  Students may also elect to study for a degree in two subjects at Honours level, this is called a joint degree.

The "with Quantitative Methods" degree is a subsidiary degree and is only available with the six subject areas in the School of Social and Political Sciences. 

In your first two years of study on the MA (Social Sciences) degree you will study at least three subjects, each leading to level 2 study, and potentially leading to the possibility of study in Honours. 

At least 160 credits out of the 240 credits studied over first and second years should come from our approved group A subject options.  The other 80 credits should come from approved options available to you in the College of Arts or the College of Science & Engineering.  The approved options lists are available during enrolment.

MA (Social Sciences) Group A Subjects

These subject areas are the core Social Sciences subject areas. You are not limited to taking courses in just these subject areas. You will find out more about additional courses in the section on 'Structure of the Honours MA (Social Sciences) degree'

*  Available with Quantitative Methods

Here is the list of our Social Sciences subject areas:

There are two further subjects considered as Group A which can be chosen by students:

You should note that these two subjects are not available as single honours on the MA (Social Sciences) Degree.

Other Useful Information

Teaching and research in Social Sciences Subjects are usually the responsibility of a School and/or a Subject within the College of Social Sciences.

Geography and Psychology are not subjects within the College of Social Sciences.  The School of Geographical & Earth Sciences and the School of Psychology are located in the College of Science and Engineering. However, they teach their subject areas to students on the MA (Social Sciences) degree programme. If you are to become an MA (Social Sciences) undergraduate student, you can think of them as Social Sciences subjects.

After completion of first year, some MA (Social Sciences) students also choose to include in their degree programme courses from other College of Social Sciences degree courses such as Accounting & Finance or from other Colleges such as the College of Arts or the College of Science and Engineering. The courses available to you are clearly shown in the course lists in your Student Centre in MyCampus, accessed through your student MyGlasgow portal.

Recommended Subject sites

Central & East European StudiesEconomic & Social History, and Social and Public Policy that teach some of the MA (Social Sciences) core subjects are interesting and enjoyable areas of learning. Please visit these Web sites where you will find out about the content of the different courses they teach, the people who teach them and the other important activities that take place. When you visit their sites, look for the sections on undergraduate study and information for students, in particular.