E-mailing groups of Students

The CLASS service allows staff to email groups of students selected according to various criteria such as their courses, programmes of study, year of study and College. The underlying lists of students are kept up-to-date automatically using information held by the Registry.

Full details of how to use the CLASS service are available at

E-mailing groups of Staff

To email  All Staff in the College of Social Sciences
enter the following as the recipient:   socsci-college-staff@glasgow.ac.uk

Email distribution lists are available for each School and for each Job Family.

These take the form UNIT-JOBFAMILY-staff@glasgow.ac.uk
where UNIT and JOBFAMILY should be substituted with the relevant codes from the lists below.

UNIT codes

  • business = Business School
  • education = School of Education
  • inter = School of Interdisciplinary Studies
  • law = School of Law
  • socpol = School of Social & Political Sciences
  • adamsmith = Adam Smith Research Foundation
  • socsci-ad = Social Sciences Administration (i.e. College Office & related)
  • socsci = College of Social Sciences (i.e. all Schools and Administration)


  • rt  = Research & Teaching
  • mpa = Management, Professional & Administrative
  • tec = Technical & related
  • ops = Operational & related
  • hon = Honorary
  • aff = Affiliate

If the JOBFAMILY code is omitted, all employees within the UNIT will be included. (Honorary and Affiliate staff will not be included.)


To email all Research & Teaching (RT) staff
in the College of Social Sciences:

To email all Management, Professional & Administrative (MPA) staff
in the School of Law:

To email all employees (i.e. not Honorary or Affiliate)
in the School of Education:

To email all staff, including Honorary and Affiliate, in the Business School,
you would need to send your message to three groups of recipients:


  • These email distribution groups are generated automatically from Human Resources staff database, and are updated nightly.
  • They should only be used by University of Glasgow staff.
  • Their use is monitored, and messages may be subject to delay.
  • Some UNIT-JOBFAMILY combinations may have no recipients.