GSIN June Meet-up: Glasgow Women's Library

Published: 29 June 2023

At this term’s Gender and Sexualities Interdisciplinary Network meet-up, we had the pleasure of hosting Sue John from the Glasgow Women's Library; the UK's sole accredited museum dedicated to the histories, lives, and accomplishments of women.

At the GSIN June meet-up, Sue John provided a fascinating overview of Glasgow Women's Library (GWL). She shared the history and background, highlighting its functions as a library, museum, exhibition space and community organised and led institution; predicated on feminist activism. Sue emphasised the GWL grassroots background, wherein women created the space in response to the decimation of welfare programmes for women experienced within 1980’s Glasgow. The GWL continues to focus on projects led and created for those community members who are often forgotten in mainstream politics, such as women and LGBTQ+ folks. The GWL’s summer programme is now available to view through their website. This includes a wide variety of free and accessible events, ranging from social meet-ups, creative workshops to activist led discussions, as well as spoken word and visual arts events.

Sue also presented information regarding her ongoing PhD thesis, ‘Satire and Suffragettes: Women's Rights in Everyday Material Culture in Britain, 1900–1930.' She detailed how during this period, a propaganda war of pro and anti-suffragette sentiments was waged through the visual medium of postcards. On the 29th of August, Sue will be collaborating with artist Gachi Rosati in leading the event ‘Postcard Propaganda and Women’s Suffrage.’ This provides further information from her research alongside examples of Suffrage-related postcards from the GWL’s archive. This will be presented alongside some of Gachi Rosati’s original art pieces, created in response to Suffrage postcard images. This is a free event open to all members of the public.

Sue John of the Glasgow Women's Library presenting at the GSIN June meet up

We are extremely grateful to Sue for providing such a stimulating and comprehensive presentation regarding the important work of the GWL and her own ongoing research.


First published: 29 June 2023