Gender and Sexualities Interdisciplinary Network

Published: 27 January 2023

A new interdisciplinary network bringing together researchers from across the University of Glasgow

Annalisa Muscolo, a PhD student in Philosophy, tells us about the emerging network on gender and sexualities which she has been supporting through her internship with the Addressing Inequalities theme.

The Gender and Sexualities Interdisciplinary Network (GSIN) is a newly established network for scholars and researchers at the University of Glasgow. This is a cross-college initiative, led by the Addressing Inequalities interdisciplinary research theme in the College of Social Sciences, to support research in the areas of gender and sexualities broadly construed.

The Network promotes research, connections between researchers, and knowledge exchange and impact around the interdisciplinary areas of gender and sexualities. By constructing a network of experts across different departments, GSIN fosters interdisciplinarity and collaboration as the primary approach to research on these subjects.

The Network’s aim is to connect and support academics from different departments that work in these areas. Specifically, the Network has three main goals.

  • Connecting expertise: Who is doing what? The Network aims to connect people by sharing their research interests and providing different ways of linking up. For example, in person discussions and a mailing list where you can ask for (or share) expertise. We’re also building an online directory of experts with a research background and/or research interest in the areas of gender and sexualities at the University of Glasgow.
  • Knowledge Exchange and Public Engagement: The Network responds to the research commitment of knowledge exchange and impact and thus aims to provide resources  to facilitate Knowledge Exchange and Public Engagement projects. For this reason, the Network is aiming to provide an overview of External Partners that work on Gender and Sexualities in the area of Glasgow, in Scotland in general, and internationally.
  • Funding: Lastly, the Network helps facilitate new research in the areas of gender and sexualities. We advertise specific funding opportunities for research projects in these areas, and we can also connect you with colleagues to bring in gender/ sexualities expertise into broader funding bids - please get in touch! We can help find a collaborator, provide additional informal review, or even organise a workshop or meeting to support an interdisciplinary application.

The Network organises in person and online events to promote these aims across the University and to respond to researcher needs. We’re aiming to organise events such as Conferences, Research Presentation Workshops, and Work in Progress sessions for established and postgraduate researchers. If you have any idea for other activities, please get in touch!

If you are interested in getting involved with the Gender and Sexualities Interdisciplinary Network, please contact us to be added to the mailing list. If you have a particular research history or interest on gender and sexualities please contact Dr. Ana Cannilla to be added to our growing directory of expertise.

The Gender and Sexualities Interdiscipinary Network was conceived and is currently led by Dr Ana Cannilla, lecturer in public law, as part of her leadership role in Addressing Inequalities.

First published: 27 January 2023