Zoomposium 28: 9 June 2022

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Dr Ariel Ramirez Torres, School of Mathematics & Statistics   

‘Multi-scale modelling of heterogeneous media: Growth, remodelling, and non-locality’

My research addresses problems of current interest at the interface of Homogenisation Theory, Continuum Mechanics, and Fractional Calculus. The focus of my investigations is on the mathematical modelling of real-world problems within a biological context, which, based on the methodological approaches, may be divided into two strands. The first addresses theoretical, modelling, and computational issues of specific classes of biomechanical problems. The second focuses on the constitutive characterisation of markedly heterogeneous materials distinguished by different characteristic length scales. I am keen on collaborating with researchers across all fields at the University in which my expertise could complement existing or initiate new research lines.


Dr Gul Calikli, School of Computing Science

Improving Software Developers’ Judgement: Understanding and Mitigating their Cognitive Biases

My research field is empirical software engineering with a focus on human aspects. I use cognitive and social psychology theories, experimentation, data analytics, and Machine Learning (ML) techniques to enhance software practitioners' judgment and decision-making to improve software quality and development process. My vision includes developing software development tools based on cognitive psychology theories, which can be ML systems with humans in the loop as a joint cognitive system, extending human intelligence. I am interested in collaborating with industry and researchers who are experts in psychology, data science, and ML and those who develop open-source software.


First published: 17 May 2022