Carla Cebula

I am a research assistant on the VisNET project and am based at the University of Glasgow.

My background is in mathematics and after volunteering in adult literacies and working as a statistician for Education Scotland I decided I wanted to focus more on social justice. I undertook a research masters in Equality and Human Rights at the University of Glasgow with my dissertation analysing gender and social class inequalities in maths attainment in Scotland. I have just completed my PhD at Moray House School of Education at the University of Edinburgh.

I am excited to be part of the VisNET team and to contribute to developing our understanding of the role of collaboration and networking in overcoming gender barriers in the field of engineering, and STEM more generally. It is a great opportunity to work with an interdisciplinary team and meet post-doctoral engineers working on valuable projects.

First published: 7 May 2019