Disability office hours

Disability Office Hours are an opportunity for students with a disability to talk to an academic with a disability about anything disability-related. In other words, they are a chance to have a friendly and supportive conversation with a member of staff who has first-hand experience of the challenges that disabilities can pose for study and work.

Our definition of disability is broad and includes all forms of long-term health conditions (including mental health), neurodiversity, and sensory and mobility impairments.

We organise Disability Office Hours once per semester and they are open to CoSE students of all programmes and levels (including UG, PGT, and PGR).

There is usually a mix of in-person and online sessions, as well as both pre-bookable and drop-in sessions. In-person meetings are held in accessible meeting rooms or offices. Online meetings are usually Zoom or Teams video calls, with or without cameras. Alternatively, meetings can also be a chat on Teams.

If you book a pre-bookable slot, then that time is reserved for you. In contrast, you do not need to reserve time for the drop-in sessions. However, if you show up for an online or in-person drop-in session, another student may be talking to an academic already. In that case, you might have to wait a short while until it is your turn. However, we will always strive to make time for everyone.

If none of the formats or times offered work for you, please let us (Chris.McCaig@glasgow.ac.uk, Lauritz.Thamsen@glasgow.ac.uk) know, and we will do our best to arrange an office hour that works for you.

Next dates: March 2024

If you are a colleague with a disability in CoSE and you can volunteer some of your time to host Disability Office Hours, please get in touch with Drs Chris McCaig and Lauritz Thamsen.

Do you need support? Just a reminder that students can find information about the Disability Service on our GU pages. Staff can find out more using our staff disability pages.

Staff will also find our health and wellbeing page useful. On this page, you can find a range of support options, including Health Assured, Mental Health First aiders, Respect Advisors, Chapliancy, Councelling and Occupational Health, as well as external resources.