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Staff best placed to deal with it: 


  • Supporting the transition of applications into registrations 

Melanie Bavajee


  • Advice on promoting your programmes externally through regional, national, international mediums – online or offline (eg press publications, websites) MVLS Marketing Communications

Phillip Stanley


Alison Wallace

Business planning: new PGT programmes  MVLS Graduate School

Karen McCluskey


Audrey Hillis

China Scholarship applications CSC

Audrey Hillis

Collaborative PhD proposals with external institutions 

Lesley Dinning

Conversion (PGT) 

Naomi Jamieson

Conversion (PGR)

Danielle Higgins

External examiner fees/expenses PGR and PGT

Financial Aid

Findaphd Advertising 

Danielle Higgins

Graduate School Board

Lesley Dinning

Higher Degrees Committee

  • Higher Degrees business (eg suspension of studies)
  • Bellahouston Prize/Joseph Black Prize/Hird Prize

Audrey Hillis 

Induction PGR students

Lesley Dinning / Michelle Craig

Induction PGT students

Laura Baggley

Industrial partnership PhD applications

Lesley Dinning /Morven Barlass

International Partnership Development Funding (IPDF)

Morven Barlass

Internationalisation support

  • includes business planning; external funding identification and MoA development for College priority partners

Karen McCluskey

Joint collaborative PhD proposals with external institutions

Lesley Dinning

PGR student issues (eg student progress issues, PGR regulations)

Lesley Dinning

PGT clusters

Emma Craddock / Kirsty McColl

PGT issues (eg student progress issues, PGT Regulations)

Laura Baggley

PGT programme approval process

Laura Baggley

Postgraduate Research Committee 

Lesley Dinning

Postgraduate Teaching Committee 

Laura Baggley

Postgraduate review process PGR students

Lesley Dinning / Michelle Craig

Publicity material / marketing and recruitment conversion

  • Advice on development of printed leaflets, posters etc.
  • From creative concept/design to printing and delivery.
  • Advice on student conversion – i.e. applicant communication strategy.

Phillip Stanley

Regulations (PGT)

Laura Baggley

Regulations (PGR)

Lesley Dinning

Research Councils UK Grants Joint Electronic Submissions (Je-S) system: data co-ordinator

Alexis Merry / Audrey Hillis

Research and Development Training Programme, including student credit system

Researcher development funding (including funding requests for training initiatives. This funding is considered at the Training and Awards Committee) 

Audrey Hillis / Lesley Dinning 

Research Furth

Scholarship advertising

  • Promotion on the Graduate School website and externally (eg find a PhD / New Scientist) 

Danielle Higgins

Scholarship payments (including)

  • Research Council
  • Kelvin-Smith
  • China Scholarship

Student data (student numbers, completion rates etc.)

Morven Barlass / Catherine Turnbull

Supervisor Training

  • Online resource
  • Scenario based sessions
  • Recording of attendance

Thesis administration

  • Collation and distribution of theses
  • Outcome of viva letters
  • Award letters

Training and Awards Committee

Audrey Hillis


  • Liaison with staff about the development of the College website (programme and general pages) to aid the student application journey.
  • PGR Graduate School Website

Phillip Stanley

If your enquiry does not relate to any of the areas mentioned in the table above, please email:

Please note that the roles and responsibilities of the members of staff listed in the table may change and evolve over time.