Supervisor and Research Integrity Training

‌MVLS Supervisor and Examiners' Training

All supervisors of postgraduate research students must undertake supervisor training and application process training, for when you receive applications from students.

This requirement extends to relevant honorary members of staff involved in supervision and examination.

Certification will be on a 5 year renewable basis.

To receive a letter of completion you must complete the online resource and also attend a session where small groups of supervisors will work through a variety of scenarios that students and supervisors may encounter.

Scenario based session dates

Please use the below links to register for an upcoming Zoom session or contact the Graduate School to register for an in person session;

Upcoming Sessions

March - Tuesday 19 March 2024 - 10am - 12pm  Zoom link TBC - Fully Booked!

April - Tuesday 09 April2024 - 10am - 12pm Zoom link TBC - Cancelled! Hope to re-arranged, feel free to book onto other dates.

June - Thursday 20 June 2024 - 10am - 12pm Zoom link TBC - Fully Booked!

August - Tuesday 20 August 2024 - 2pm - 4pm Zoom link TBC

September - Tuesday 17 September 2024 - 2pm - 4pm Zoom link TBC

November - Thursday 14 November 2024 - 2pm - 4pm Zoom link TBC


If you have any questions, please email 

Add Admissions Quick Access to your MyCampus homepage

  • Access your MyGlasgowStaff Portal: Staff Portal
  • Click the 'MyCampus' link in the left hand services column. This will take you to a home page.
  • Click the 'Classic Home' tile.
  • At the top left, click Menu>Campus Community>Evaluation Management System>Manage Evaluation
  • A new 'Manage Evaluation' page will appear
  • Click the three dots on the top right of the page to show a drop down.
  • Click 'Add to homepage', a new page will open for you to select 'My Homepage'
  • Click OK.
  • When you click on the home icon you should see a new tile called 'Manage Evaluation'.

Follow this link to the step-by-step instruction video and pdf instruction document.

Applications Training Video for Supervisors and PGAs

Receiving Applications on MyCampus Training Guides

Supervisor Responsibilities When Receiving Applications

The Code of Practice clearly states the supervisor responsibilities for receiving applications on page 6, section 2.36:

  • 2.36. The Supervisor
    • 2.36.1. Ensures that all applications/enquiries received directly are notified to the Admissions Department
    • 2.36.2. Considers all applications/enquiries on their academic merits regardless of funding.
    • 2.36.3. Confirms acceptance or otherwise to supervise an applicant.
    • 2.36.4. Contacts potential applicant where appropriate to clarify the proposed programme of research.
    • 2.36.5. Maintains contact with an applicant where an offer of admission has been made or during the waiting period.

PGR Code of Practice

Researcher Development CPD Sessions for Supervisors

You can book this course run by the Researcher Development Office through the HR Core System. To book:

  • In HR Core, navigate to 'Learning and Development > Book a Course'. 
  • Enter the search keyword, 'PhD'.

Full descriptions of these courses are available on the Researcher Development, Supervisor Workshop web pages. The topics include:

  • Supporting PhD students with their wellbeing (1.5hr)
  • Supporting PhD students with their writing (1.5hr)
  • Supporting students with professional and career development (1.5hr)
  • Supporting your students with their work life balance (1.5hr)
  • Research integrity and supervision (1.5hr)
  • Coaching skills for supervisors (3hr)
  • Having difficult conversations and managing conflict in your research group (3hr)
  • Supervising interdisciplinary PhD students (1.5hr)
  • Supervising PhD students with industry (in the Sciences) (1.5hr)
  • Supervising distance PGRs (1.5hr)


Research Integrity

University of Glasgow is committed to providing an environment that ensures our research is conducted to the highest quality standards by:

  • Developing an environment that recognises and supports research excellence
  • Ensuring that all parties involved in research have the same expectations for good research practice
  • Establishing the code of good practice in research is intended for all staff, including persons with honorary positions, and students carrying out research at, or on behalf of, the University

Research excellence at the University of Glasgow is underpinned by research integrity. The Research and Innovation Service website sets out the policies, procedures, and resources to support research integrity. You will find key documents and links here.