Visa extensions & DES

Need to extend your visa?

There are a variety of resources to help you with your application for a Tier 4 visa extension.

While we can offer assistance and support with the preparation of your visa application, it's your responsibility to submit any application to the appropriate authority.

Applying For A Visa Extension While In The UK

  • Fill out the CAS Extension Application form (MS Word) approximately four months in advance of the expiry date of your current visa.

  • Submit the CAS Extension Application form to the Graduate School office for approval.

  • You must bring your current passport and visa and any previous passport (if it includes your current visa) when you submit your application to the Graduate School,

  • The Graduate School will photocopy and verify the information, and will confirm your study details with the Admissions Team (External Relations) who issue the CAS.

Applying For A Visa Extension Outside Of The UK

  • Please inform the Graduate School of the exact date of when you intend to return the UK.

  • The Graduate School approves the application

  • The application is then sent to the PGR Admissions Team, based within External Relations, for processing.

  • The Admissions Team will then contact you and email a draft CAS form for you to review.

More information about CAS applications and visas cans be found on the International student support & visas webpage.

Doctorate Extension Scheme (DES)

The Doctorate Extension Scheme (DES), under the Tier 4 immigration category, allows for students who are completing their PhD course to apply to stay in the UK for a further 12 months beyond the end of their course to find skilled work or to gain further experience in their chosen field. 

Before submitting your form please ensure you meet the Doctorate Extension Scheme eligibility criteria which can be found under Working in the UK after study section.

Submitting Your DES Form: