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SCREDS, Clinical Lecture Posts & GP Academic Fellows

SCREDS provides an integrated training and career development pathway enabling clinicians to pursue concurrently or sequentially academic and clinical training within the NHS.

It facilitates both the attainment of a senior clinical academic appointment and the award of a Certificate of Completion of Training (CCT).

On the invitation of the Board of Academic Medicine in Scotland, the Scheme is operated by the Universities in partnership with NHS Education for Scotland.

Across the five Scottish Universities there are more than 200 doctors who hold appointments.

Who is Eligible?

Doctors are eligible for appointment to a SCREDS post if they:

  • are on the GMC's Specialist or General Practitioner Registers; 
  • hold a National Training Number; or
  • do not hold a National Training Number but have been appointed to a decoupled Core Training Programme recognised by GMC and hold an equivalent Core Training Number.

Further information is available from the SCREDS website.

SCREDS Contact

Enquiries regarding potential vacancies within SCREDS should be made to:

Professor Christian Delles
Institute of Cardiovascular and Medical Sciences
126 University Place
Glasgow G12 8TA

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Applying for a Clinical Lecturing Post can be done either pre-or post doctorate using these forms:

A majority in post in Glasgow have completed a period of research and are in the process of completing, or have completed their MD/PhD.

It is usually appropriate to complete 1 or 2 years of Specialty Training before becoming a Clinical Lecturer although this is not the case for all CLs, some of whom start at a very early stage of their careers.

Posts are available in a wide range of specialities and medical sub-specialities and usually at least 5 or 6 will be advertised each year.  An NTN in an appropriate speciality is essential.

Annual Review of Competence Progression (ARCP)

  • This is completed annually by all Specialist Trainees.
  • Those who were appointed as Specialist registrars will have a similar appraisal known as a RITA.
  • These reviews track progression in both academic and clinical competencies and set goals for the following year.
  • To aid this process a special form is being developed by SCREDS, but in the meantime, we have been using a modified version produced by the Academy of Medical Science that is designed for the scheme in England and Wales.
  • You will be allocated a Senior Academic who will work with the Training Programme Director to ensure that you are able to set realistic goals and achieve all your aims.
  • The review will also provide an opportunity for you to air any concerns.

Training Opportunities

Each summer there is a meeting for all academic trainees.

At this meeting information will be provided regarding topics such as applying for fellowships, career opportunities, etc.

It will be possible to identify particular areas that academic trainees wish to cover at further sessions that will then be organised to take place every few months.

Help and Support for Clinical Lecturer Posts

For assistance with applying for funding for clinical research fellowships and training, please contact the MVLS Graduate School

It is important to seek advice before making an application in order to ensure the application is appropriate and of high standard before it is submitted.

Intermediate Clinical Fellows

Opportunities are available for those who wish to pursue a career in Academic Medicine to apply for postdoctoral training support (eg. Chief Scientist’s Office/ MRC or Welcome Intermediate Training Fellowship).

This is full funding for up to 5 years for research and clinical training (if required) and 40% of the time can be spent on the clinical activities.

Applicants need to be of very high calibre and committed to an academic career.  

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Although GP Academic Fellows (GPAFs) are part of the SCREDS scheme, they differ from the Clinical Lecturers who are in hospital-based specialities.

It is anticipated that the GP Academic Fellowships will lead to a new generation of General Practice academic researchers and teachers.

The Fellowship includes a year of academic training to enhance skills in research and teaching.

The Fellowships are aimed at those primarily interested in research, but they will be expected to develop skills and experience in both research and teaching during the post. 

Research activities will be tailored to a fellow's interests and previous experience, and appropriate mentorship will be provided.

Who Can Apply?

  • Suitable applicants will require to have completed ST3 before commencing the post. 
  • The post will be for one year and comprise 80% academic work in the University Department and 20% clinical work in a suitable practice.
  • Some applicants may already have a Higher Degree but this will not be essential.

Research & Teaching


Academic fellows should be able to demonstrate an interest in research and wish to work towards a higher degree (if not already in possession of one).

Applicants will need the potential to attract subsequent Fellowship funding to allow them to complete a higher degree.

The topic of the research project will depend on the GPAF’s interests and also, those of the potential supervisor.

There will be opportunities to gain experience in research design, data collection, analysis and writing for publication.

The GPAFs will also be expected to conduct and present their work at research meetings and also to write it up for publication under the guidance of a Senior Academic.  All AFs will have a designated mentor.
There are extensive opportunities for primary care research within the Centre for Population and Health Sciences, and in collaboration with clinical researchers in other parts of the University of Glasgow.


Modest input to undergraduate and postgraduate teaching will be expected of all candidates.

Clinical Duties

Arrangements will be made with a suitable practice for part-time clinical duties by agreement between the successful applicant, the Practice and the Head of the Academic Unit of General Practice and Primary Care.

Academic and clinical training support will be available to ensure that there is adequate balance between academic and clinical training.


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