To grow a community at the University of Glasgow, made up of researchers, artists, professionals and students interested in work at the intersection of arts and humanities, virtual and augmented reality, and related technologies.

In pursuit of this mission we circulate a regular IELab newsletter containing details of funding opportunities, events and technological developments that are relevant to this community. We also host the IELab event series of lectures, workshops and demos. See for instance our Extended Reality and Psychology webinar series, held in June 2020.

Join IELab - 2022 call for new members

We are looking to grow the IELab community, and we are particularly keen to welcome new staff and research students arriving at Glasgow in 2022. No matter your field or discipline, if you are interested in immersive technologies and want to get together with researchers working in this space, please join us!

If you'd like to become a member of the new Immersive Experiences Lab at Glasgow please send an email to Rachel Opitz stating, "I would like to join the Immersive Experiences ArtsLab at Glasgow", To receive regular, approximately monthly, email updates on news and events relevant to the community.

Associated Staff:

Dr Rachel Opitz

  • Senior Lecturer in Spatial Archaeometry
  • Archaeology

Research interests

My research focuses on the rural western Mediterranean the 1st millennium BCE through remote sensing, human perception of the environment, and material culture. I work on diverse projects under the broad umbrella of digital archaeology and archaeological remote sensing.

Dr Neil McDonnell

  • Lord Kelvin Adam Smith Research Fellowship in Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality
  • Philosophy

Research interests

The Philosophy of Virtual and Augmented Reality, Metaphysics of Causation, The Philosophy of Safety Engineering.

Dr Iain Findlay-Walsh

  • Lecturer in Music
  • Music

Research interests

Experimental music production, auditory immersion and virtual reality, first-person field recording, spatiality and virtuality in record production, personal listening, emerging music formats and technologies, sonic and textual autoethnography, sound-based research methodologies.

Tim Duguid

Timothy Duguid is a lecturer in Digital Humanities and Information Studies. His current research interests lie in the intersection between digital humanities and historical musicology.  In particular, he is focused on metadata generation and curation for digital scholarship in music, working on a virtual research environment called Music Scholarship Online (MuSO) that will draw together published scholarship, digitized archival materials, and born-digital scholarship into a single online portal.