Staff Mobility: Mapping Metaphor with the Historical Thesaurus

Staff Mobility: Mapping Metaphor with the Historical Thesaurus

Dr Ellen Bramwell, English Language

Funding: Principal's Early Career Mobility Fund: Glasgow-Columbia

Trip to Columbia University, New York

The main purpose of the visit was research and exchange of ideas, with a research talk given on 17th April 2014 as part of Columbia University’s Studio@Butler digital humanities seminars.

The Columbia visit allowed us to pitch the Mapping Metaphor project (which is AHRC funded from 01/2012-03/2015) to an international audience and get feedback on the more technical aspects from scholars in digital humanities.

 The overall project aim is to ‘map’ metaphorical usage in the entire English language from Old English to the present day. This is being achieved through using the Historical Thesaurus (HT) as a source of semantic and temporal data. We have divided the HT into c.400 separate areas of meaning (e.g. Light, Anger, Money, …) and are systematically identifying metaphorical connections between these categories. The final results of this will form an online ‘Metaphor Map’ resource showing all of the thousands of connections identified, including example words and first recorded dates of metaphorical usage between categories.


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