International Research: Travelling Texts, 1790-1914

International Research: Travelling Texts, 1790-1914

Dr Henriette Partzsch, Hispanic Studies

Funding: €958,372, Humanities in the European Research Area / EU (FP7)

Cultural encounters through reading and writing have shaped modern cultural imaginaries. Travelling Texts explores women’s participation in this process from the perspective of five countries located at the fringes of 19th-century Europe. By tracing and comparing the networks created through women’s writing we will question the relations between centre and periphery from a gendered point of view. Working with large-scale sources and using a Virtual Research Environment, the project will contribute to the development of new, transnational models of writing the history of European literary culture. Outputs will include a conference at Glasgow Women’s Library, peer-reviewed articles and book publications. These activities are complemented by workshops, seminars, sessions at literary festivals and exhibitions.


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