Collections are material

Collections is organised through three thematic clusters (material, conceptual and ethical) that draw on and develop existing research excellence at the University of Glasgow.

Collections are material. The focus of this cluster is material and historical

This cluster will involve students working directly with curators, archivists and senior librarians. The projects in this cluster explore and interpret the material held within collections - papers, letters, medical illustrations, scientific instruments and films. Studentships will focus on the interrogation and management of material artefacts. Two projects explore the biographies and intellectual legacy of collectors such as William Hunter himself, who, as the first Professor of Anatomy at the Royal Academy, lectured on anatomy not just to medical students but also to artists, demonstrating the interconnection between Art and Science. The focus here is predominantly on the unique and significant collections Glasgow provides but also on their international significance; each studentship therefore contributes to the larger ambition of the Collections strategy by providing new knowledge in terms of historiography and in their re-evaluation of the significance of the international dimensions of Glasgow’s importance as a key site of intellectual and industrial endeavour within the Enlightenment and the British Empire.