Previous years research events in Film and Television Studies

Screen Seminars 2018-19

Speaker: Dr Zoë Shacklock, St Andrews
Date/Time: 13 Nov 2018, 5.15pm
Title: Queer Kinaesthesia in Contemporary Television

Speaker: Dr Lucy Fife Donaldson, University of St Andrews
Date/Time: 22 Nov 2018, 5.15pm
Title: The reward and challenge of performance in the television series

Screen Seminars 2017-18

Event: La Batalla de Chile/The Battle of Chile: Interrupted Screening (in association with Document Film Festival)
Date/Time: 20 Oct 2017, 12pm

Speaker: Dr. Michael O’Neill, University of Glasgow
2 Nov 2017, 5.30pm
“Tamed, Leashed, Interrupted”? How Walter Presents represents the global contradiction of Channel 4’s post-TV local future

Speaker: Dr Alison Peirse & Dr Philippa Lovatt
Date/Time: 23 Nov 2017, 5.30pm
Title: The Screen Séance Seminar: This seasonal seminar invites two researchers to share their work on the séance on screen

Speaker: Dr. Hannah Hamad, University of Cardiff
6 Dec 2017, 5.30pm
Screening the NHS at 70: Exploring the Political Stakes of Contemporary UK Medical Television

Event: Sex, Gender & Power in a Post-Weinstein World
24 January 2018, 5.30pm

Screen Seminars 2016-17

Event: Document Film Festival, in association with Screen Seminars at Glasgow, presents a full-length (345 mins) screening of La Commune (Paris, 1871)
Date/Time: 21 Oct 2016, 12 noon

Speaker: Dr Michael Cowan, University of St Andrews
Date/Time: 25 Oct 2016, 5:15pm
Title: Advertising, Animation, and the Circuits of Control

Speaker: Dr Becky Bartlett, University of Glasgow
Date/Time: 9 Nov 2016, 5:15pm
Title: Separation of church and cinema? Interpretation and adaptation in Noah, the "least biblical biblical epic ever made."

Event: Research panel on ‘Film Exhibition: Memories and Histories’ (followed by wine reception and mince pies)
Speakers: Dr Rebecca Harrison, University of Glasgow; Dr Ealasaid Munro University of Glasgow; Dr Ana Salzberg, University of Dundee
Date/Time: 30 Nov 2016, 5:15pm
Titles: Projecting Britain: Domestic and Colonial Film Circulation in World War Two; The Major Minor Cinema and oral histories of cinemagoing in rural Scotland; Classic Films in Care Homes: Memory, Sensation, and Social Connectivity

Screen Seminars 2015-16

Speaker: Dr Matilda Mroz, University of Sussex
Date/Time: 15 March 2016, 5:15-7pm
Title: Matter, (not) Memory: Landscape and matter in cinematic explorations of grief and absence

Speaker: Dr Lisa Kelly, University of Glasgow
Date/Time: 24 Feb 2016, 12:15-2pm
Title: Difficult Women? Television Drama, Gender and the Quality Debate

Speaker: Dr Glen Croy, Monash University, Australia
Date/Time: 9 Feb Feb 2016, 5:15-7pm
Title: Special Interest Film Tourism

Speaker: Prof John Caughie, University of Glasgow
Date/Time: 27 Jan 2016, 12:15-2pm
Title: “The clutter of phenomena”: Writing film history and the ‘Early Cinema in Scotland’ project

Speaker: Dr Sarah Atkinson, King’s College, London
Date/Time: 19 Nov 2015, 5.15pm
Title: Digitally Preserving Potter, and the working processes and materiality of filmmaking

Speaker: Dr David Rolinson, University of Stirling
Date/Time: 10 Nov 2015, 5.15pm
Title: The writing and "banning" of a science docudrama: ethics and affect

Speaker: Prof Samba Gadjigo, Professor of French and African Studies, Mount Holyoke College
Date/Time: 27 Oct 2015, 5.15pm
Title: A home craftsman for the masses: An introduction to the life and work of Ousmane Sembene
(Screen Seminars at Glasgow in association with Africa in Motion Film Festival)

Speaker: Dr Steve Presence, Centre for Moving Image Research at the University of the West of England (UWE)
Date/Time: 15 Oct 2015, 5.15pm
Title: ‘One Screening Away From Disaster’: Precarity and Commitment in the Radical Film Network’s Exhibition Sector
(Screen Seminars at Glasgow in association with Document Human Rights Film Festival)

Other events

Event: RFN Unconference and Festival
Date: 29 April - 2 May 2016

Event: Developing Film Tourism: Theory and Practice
Date: 15 May 2015

Event: Short Film (and) Criticism
14 Mar 2015

Technocultures: Technologies, Subjectivities and Temporalities of Digital Culture
Date: 19 September 2014, University of Glasgow

Event: Deleuze and Chinese Cinemas Keynote
Date: 9-10 July 2014

Event: Film-Philosophy Conference 2014: A World of Cinemas
Date: 2-4 July 2014, University of Glasgow
Organiser: Prof David Martin-Jones, Film and Television Studies
(NB: event also incorporated Thinking Cinema book launch)

Event: Workshop on Eastern European Cinema
Date: 24 March 2014, University of Glasgow

Event: Workshop on Cinema and Ethics
Date: 26 October 2013, University of Glasgow
Title: Proliferating Ethical Encounters in Film and Media

Screen Seminars 2014-15

Speaker: Prof Aida Vallejo, University of the Basque Country
Date/Time: 9 Oct 2014, 5.15-7pm
Title: Documentary Film Festivals in Europe: Mapping the Field
(Screen Seminars at Glasgow in association with Document Film Festival)

Speaker: Prof James A. Steintrager, University of California, Irvine
Date/Time: 28 Oct 2014, 5.15-7pm
Title: New Chinese Extremes: Cinematic Capital, Finance, and the Fate of the Avant-Garde

Speaker: Dr Daniel Yacavone, University of Edinburgh
Date/Time: 12 Nov 2014, 5.15-7pm
Title: Film and the Phenomenology of Art: An Aesthetic Approach to Cinematic Experience

Speaker: Prof Rob Stone, University of Birmingham
Date/Time: 25 Nov 2014, 12.15-2pm
Title: Before Boyhood: The Cinema of Richard Linklater

Screening: En Tierra Extraña/In a Foreign Land
Date/Time: 5 Dec 2014, 5.30pm

Speaker: Dr Miriam Ross, Victoria University of Wellington
Date/Time: 20 Jan 2015, 5.15-7pm
Title: The Stereoscopic Membrane in 3D Cinema, Television and Virtual Reality Systems

Speaker: Dr Joyce Goggin, University of Amsterdam
Date/Time: 5 Feb 2015, 5.15-7pm
Title: The Opening Shot as Backstory: Narrating Las Vegas

Speaker: Dr Maria Velez-Serna, University of Glasgow
Date/Time: 26 Feb 2015, 5.15-7pm
Title: Researching the geography of early cinema in Glasgow

Speaker: Prof Paul Cooke, University of Leeds
Date/Time: 10 Mar 2015, 5.15-7pm
Title: From ‘Auschwitz-land’ to Banglatown: Heritage Conflicts, Film and the Politics of Place

Screen Seminars 2013-14

Speaker: Dr David Archibald, University of Glasgow
Date/Time: 24 Apr 2014, 5.15-7pm
Title: Tracking Loach: a production study of The Angels’ Share

Speaker: Dr Tatiana Heise, University of Glasgow
Date/Time: 27 Mar 2014, 12.15-2pm
Title: Lúcia Murat: Memory, History and Brazilian National Identity

Speaker: Dr Katherine Groo, University of Aberdeen
Date/Time: 12 Mar 2014, 5.15-7pm
Title: Archives for a Future History

Speaker: Dr Dennis Hanlon, University of St Andrews
Date/Time: 13 Feb 2014, 5.15-7pm
Title: Non-resident Indians and Non-indigenous Genres: Britain as Contact Zone for Bollywood Experiments with Genre

Speaker: Dr John Marmysz, College of Marin, USA
Date/Time: 30 Jan 2014, 5.15-7pm      
Title: Scotland as a Site of Sacrifice

Speaker: Prof Ann Davies, University of Stirling
Date/Time: 20 Nov 2013, 5-7pm
Title: Starscapes: The Spaces and Places of Penélope Cruz

Speaker: Dr Stefanie Van de Peer, University of St Andrews
Date/Time: 6 Nov 2013, 12-2pm
Title: Women making Documentaries in the Arab World

Speaker: Dr Ger Zielinski, Trent University, Canada
Date/Time: 17 Oct 2013, 5-7pm
Title: International Politics and Queer Community: On Pinkwashing and Other Claims in and around the San Francisco LGBT Film Festival

Speaker: Dr Nicole Matthews, Maquarie University, Australia
Date/Time: 9 Oct 2013, 5-7pm
Title: The Afterlives of Digital Life Stories: Learning to Listen in Dementia Education