Registration and course enrolment

In order to become a fully registered student you need to

  • complete registration, a 13 step process, which ultimately confirms you as a fully registered student at the University of Glasgow to access the university’s computer systems and obtain your student ID card,  
  • enrol in courses,
  • You will need to register your visa

Carefully follow the information below for details on what to do. 

Academic and Financial Registration

There are two parts to the registration process: the Academic Registration and the Financial Registration. Consult the registration pages for guidance on when you should complete registration and how to proceed.

The Visiting Students team will also provide step-by-step details on the University of Glasgow registration process.

Academic Registration

Check the registration pages to find out when you can register. Academic registration must be completed as soon as possible so that the Visiting Students team can enrol you on classes before you arrive.

Financial Registration

If you are paying your own fees yourself, view the information on Registration – specifically step 4 Financial Registration. Please make sure that the fees shown match the fee information provided in your offer letter before completing any payment. If they do not match, and you think the fees you are being asked to pay are incorrect, please contact the Visiting Students team.

If you are a visiting exchange student and your fees are waived as part of the exchange you should be taken straight to the acceptance page without having to enter any financial information.

If your home institution will pay your tuition fees, they will send us a sponsor letter which we will then upload to your student record. You should not need to upload this letter yourself unless we specifically ask you to. You may see tuition fees on your student record, but this will be moved from your account by our Finance team and you do not need to make any payment to the University of Glasgow for your tuition fees. Completion of your financial registration will not delay your class enrolment.

As an international student you also need to attend Visa Registration as the last step in the registration process.  This is essential to make sure you are a fully registered student at the University of Glasgow.


Class enrolment

Please remember:

  • You must complete academic registration before we are able to enrol you on courses. 
  • The Visiting Students team will enrol you in courses, you do not do this yourself.

Process for class enrolment:

  1. Course selection on application: when you applied to the University of Glasgow, you selected a list of courses that you were interested in taking.
  2. Pre-approval: the Visiting Students team seeks pre-approval from the various subject areas for you to take those courses, and will send you notification of that pre-approval. The team uses those pre-approval decisions to enrol you on courses prior to your arrival in Glasgow.
  3. If there are issues with pre-approval: we may be unable to enrol you in certain courses, e.g. where there is a timetable clash with another course, or where the course is not available in the upcoming semester. If this happens, you may have to select new courses upon arrival in Glasgow and must request approval to take those courses before we can enrol you. Full instructions on this process will be provided in our virtual orientation information.
  4. Add/Drop courses
    All course changes will be made during Orientation in consultation with your School subject coordinators once you are on campus. You will have until the end of our standard add/drop period to make course changes. Again, full instructions on this process will be provided in our virtual orientation information.

Your course enrolment will be fully finalised once you arrive in Glasgow.

Year of Entry: 
You are recorded as a first-year student. This is because it is your first year of study at the University of Glasgow. This is for administrative purposes and will not affect the level of class you can take. This status will not be changed.


Visa registration

‌If you require a visa to study at the University of Glasgow, you will need to register your visa to complete the registration process. Check the Visa Registration page for information on how to register your visa on arrival and for Student route visa rules during your studies.