Supporting refugees to integrate

Recent years have seen much negative stigma and many misconceptions surrounding refugees; they look different, speak differently and come from strange places etc. Their lives have been snatched away from them, and to then be completely alienated in one of the most welcoming of countries is unfortunate.

It’s important to me because my parents experienced, to say the least, severe difficulties during their first years in the UK; they were financially unstable, their car was firebombed, their flat was burgled numerous times and they had practically no one to turn to. It’s hardship like this I want no one to have to face.

Ultimately, refugees have more in common with us than we think and just want to sing, dance, laugh and cry like the rest of us. Today, it’s never been easier and more rewarding to help welcome refugees - not with a cold shoulder but with open arms.

Here in Glasgow, amazing charities like Refuwegee and Bikes for Refugees are just two of the hundreds that have been launched in recent years to aid and assist displaced persons in our local communities, with a passion for everything from food and drinks to cycling and language learning. It’s always a pleasure getting involved with the great work these charities are doing across Scotland.

Why Glasgow?

World-class university, beautiful campus, cultured and sporty city!

Why Law?

I chose Law because I’ve always liked problem-solving; being presented with a problem and coming up with a solution is a challenge I relish.

The best thing about studying Law is it’s more than just cramming cases and statutes, it helps develop fundamental transferable skills such as communication, critical thinking and commercial awareness. 


Yousif is one of the University of Glasgow’s Future World Changers: students with ambitions to improve lives across the globe. Follow their journeys using #UofGFWC.

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