We need a revolution

Matthew's ambition

I believe that we need to revolutionise the way we think, learn, and collaborate within universities, breaking down the barriers preventing knowledge flow and exchange between disciplines. Only by working together can we find common solutions to global challenges. Only together can we truly change the world.

In the years ahead, my generation will come face to face with some of the greatest global issues humanity has ever seen. I find it frustrating that we increasingly look ahead to this future feeling pessimistic and helpless rather than coming together to discuss possible solutions. Instead we must become the solution.

To achieve my ambition, I will use my position as a Future World Changer at the University to spread the concept of interdisciplinary thinking and collaboration. This will include giving talks and organising discussions on largescale global issues and interdisciplinary topics in which people from different courses and disciplines can participate.

I hope to inspire and encourage as many people as possible to get involved. Through talking and implementation, we can make new ideas a reality.

Matthew's progress