We need a revolution

Matthew's ambition

I believe that we need to revolutionise the way we think, learn, and collaborate within universities, breaking down the barriers preventing knowledge flow and exchange between disciplines.

The best way for our generation to be ready to combat the increasing amount of global challenges that we will all face in our future, is to begin to break down the institutional barriers that have developed between our different disciplines and allow greater collaboration to occur between all members of our university community.

Last year I launched the University of Glasgow's first Interdisciplinary Society, for any students or academics who are interested or have undertaken research involving a global challenge.

We host a range of different social events and think tank discussions and are launching our new interdisciplinary student journal ‘1451’ throughout the year. This allows students from different disciplines opportunities to explore the applications of their degrees and develop general interdisciplinary skills increasingly sought out by employers.

I hope to inspire and encourage as many people as possible to get involved. Only by working together can we find common solutions to global challenges. Only together can we truly change the world.

Why Glasgow?

I chose the University of Glasgow due to the flexible degree structure, which allows students to tailor their degree through choosing from a variety of different subjects in their first and second years.

Why Geology?

I like making the connections that link us and the natural world together. I am a strong advocate of interdisciplinary thinking, and welcome the breaking down of barriers which prevent interesting conversation and debate with my contemporaries in different fields.

Geology plays a vital role in underpinning everything in our busy, ever-changing human lives. While to many people a rock is just a rock, it is in fact so much more. To me, what is a rock but a time capsule? A window to a lost world.

Matthew is one of the University of Glasgow’s Future World Changers: students with ambitions to improve lives across the globe. Follow their journeys using #UofGFWC.

Matthew's progress