Improving animal welfare

Laurel's ambition

Animals are involved in every person’s life. They pollinate our plants, they live in our homes, and they can be a source of food. We all depend on them and if we can improve their lives, we can improve our own.

Currently my research is aiming to improve the welfare of animals in zoos, which are often used to promote conservation efforts in the wild, but my research had led me to many other opportunities, including working in wildlife rescue and rehabilitation, as well as vaccination and neuter programs. Next year I will hopefully return to the Ukraine to work with the people and animals affected by the Chernobyl disaster, followed by a month in Portugal volunteering for a marine mammal survey.

Each one of these conservation groups offers its own glimpse into the welfare of different species and I hope to use this fact to overcome the limitations of my field. Veterinarians tend to graduate and go into private practice, only looking after about three of the massive quantity of species that we learn about in university. Blending together research and medicine I want to improve animal welfare for every species I encounter; wild, captive, or domesticated.

Laurel's progress