Language course information

All our courses are now aligned to the Common European Framework for Languages, which defines levels from Beginners A1-A2, to Intermediate B1-B2 and Proficiency C1-C2As a result, we have new course names and have added more levels to some of the languages.

Here are the new course names together with the old levels in case you have studied with us before:

Previous course names

New course names

Stage 1 

Beginners A1 

Stage 2 

Post Beginners A2 

Stage 3 

Improvers A2+ 

Stage 4 

Lower Intermediate B1 

Stage 5 

Intermediate B1+ 


Upper Intermediate B2


Language and Culture B2 


Advanced C1 

For more information on our language levels, please view the New levels and course description document .If you would like to know your level according to the Common European Framework please see reefer to the Self assessment grid or assess your level online:!/tabid/2194/language/en-GB/Default.aspx