Important information on online learning

All our courses will be delivered online using Zoom and/or Moodle, the University’s virtual learning environment.

Most courses will be taught synchronously, i.e. our tutors will try to replicate face-to-face learning as much as possible through live sessions on Zoom.

For synchronous courses, sessions will usually run for the set class time on the same day every week. This will mean live sessions of typically 2 hours on Zoom, with comfort breaks built in. Some tutors may post pre-recorded materials on Moodle that students can access before/after live sessions, thereby reducing the time of live synchronous sessions.

A small set of courses will be asynchronous, i.e. students will access their course materials through Moodle only at the time of their choosing, with no live Zoom sessions scheduled. Asynchronous courses have no set time/day for that reason.

Please see the technical requirements below to ensure you have everything you need for online study: