Suggested reading lists

Below is a list of suggested reading material for some of our courses. If your course is not listed here, any books or articles that are required for your studies will be advised by your tutor in class. 

Please note: there is no requirement to purchase any reading material before your class. The suggested textbooks and/or articles are simply an indication of what you may cover as part of your course and may change.

Forensic Psychology: an introduction- Davis, T. (2021) Psychology : Fact and Fiction. Red Globe Press.

Health Psychology- Ogden, J. (2019). Health psychology, 6e. McGraw-Hill Education.

What makes us who we are? The Nature Vs. Nurture Debate- Reading list available at:

Psychology: an introduction-Schacter, Gilbert, Wegner & Hood (2020). Psychology (3rd European edition)

Introduction to social psychology- Stagnor, C. Principles of Social Psychology. Open source textbook available from: