Where can an Online MSc Health Professions Education take you?

Published: 25 June 2021

As healthcare best practice continues to evolve, incorporating new technologies and care practices and the ability to stay current are key considerations within the sector. It is also critical that we apply best practice in educating our health professions workforce.

As healthcare best practice continues to evolve, incorporating new technologies and care practices and the ability to stay current are key considerations within the sector. It is also critical that we apply best practice in educating our health professions workforce.

An Online MSc Health Professions Education from The University of Glasgow gives healthcare professionals the theoretical, practical and evaluative skills they need to be able to design and deliver effective healthcare education programmes in a range of contexts.

This programme presents a transformative opportunity for health professionals to gain the confidence and capabilities to improve their teaching practice in a healthcare context. These skills are crucial for improving health among diverse communities worldwide, training healthcare professionals who can meet peoples’ needs, empower communities and enhance wellbeing.

Fast track your professional development

Our Health Professions Education online programme is designed for professionals working in healthcare who are looking for an influential career in teaching, management or research in health professions education.

If you want to develop an evidence-based approach to your professional teaching practice, this could be the programme for you” says Professor Susan Jamieson, Programme Director for the MSc Health Professions Education at the University of Glasgow.

The programme supports your professional development, incorporating the contemporary context, educational theory and practical teaching skills needed to successfully educate and train others within the healthcare sector.

The programme exposes you to new ideas, so you can introduce innovation into your own teaching practice and design. We want you to think about whether what you are doing is the best, most effective way to help your learners and ensure that you have met their learning needs” explains Professor Jamieson.

Designed for clinical professionals

This part-time, 100% online programme is aimed at busy healthcare practitioners from all disciplines or specialties who are looking to develop their educational skillset.

One of the things that makes our MSc different is that we cater to those who are already in full time clinical roles. We have students from all different contexts, different parts of the world and different professions and they all have different applications of the information that they learn on the programme” says Professor Jamieson.

Recent graduates have furthered their careers as doctors, dentists, pharmacists, nurses, anesthetists and GPs (family medicine practitioners).

People from all of these different disciplines have come back to us and said that doing the programme has benefited their career and benefitted their students, because they're putting into practice what they've learned during the programme” says Professor Jamieson.

Excel in the design, delivery and evaluation of health education

Using practical, collaborative peer learning, the programme will help you to develop the necessary confidence and specialist skills you need to further your career in healthcare education, including the expertise to conduct research into this evolving field.

Upon successful completion of the programme, you will be able to engage in critical debate on the principles and philosophy behind learning and teaching and apply core principles and current theories when designing your own learning opportunities and teaching activities.

The programme will also enable you to select the appropriate assessment strategies and tools to assess the knowledge, skills and attitudes required of health professionals, as well as evaluate approaches and models for developing a curriculum in a health professions context.

You will also be able to appraise the impact of technology-enhanced learning and teaching (TELT) and evaluate the impact of educational and institutional policies on the design and delivery of modern health professions education.

On completion of the programme you will be able to evaluate the appropriate theories, practices, assessment strategies and curricular models that should be applied in your context” says Professor Jamieson.

Tailor your learning with optional pathways

One of the key benefits of choosing to study an Online MSc Health Professions Education at the University of Glasgow is the ability to take one of two educational directions.

In addition to the core programme modules, our optional pathways enable students to choose between two routes; a research pathway, which is oriented around the design, conduct and governance of education research and a secondary route, which is based on the educational theory and evidence related to specific teaching contexts.

This flexibility enables students to tailor their learning journey to their specific areas of interest and ensure they have the necessary skills to complete their choice of dissertation.

Benefit from the experience of faculty and peers

On the programme you will learn a lot about educational theory, but we also want you to learn from experience; both the experience of faculty and the experience of your peers. We have very active discussion forums where students learn from each other” says Professor Jamieson.

Assessments take many forms and are focused on gaining transferable skills. For example, assessments include quizzes, critical appraisals, reflective posts and critical essays.

Students can tailor their dissertation to their own interests, often using it as an opportunity to delve further into a topic that relates directly to their current role. For example, current dissertation topics include the impact of shielding on healthcare professionals and alumni perceptions of the hidden curriculum.

Students also have the opportunity to put their learning into practice and gain in-depth feedback via a micro-teaching assessment, where students submit an online teaching session for review from both tutors and peers.

Why choose The University of Glasgow?

By choosing to study at The University of Glasgow, you will be studying at the heart of a growing network for contemporary educational thinking.

With a focus on active, collaborative online learning, our Online MSc Health Professions Education will give you the expert knowledge and practical skills you need to excel in the teaching of your fellow healthcare professionals.


First published: 25 June 2021