What to expect

By studying online at the University of Glasgow, you’ll gain the opportunity to engage in active learning facilitated by a world-class staff, from anywhere in the world. Our online programmes go beyond the virtual lecture and offer Glasgow’s global community of students a truly interactive, authentic and effective education.

The University of Glasgow online programmes offer flexibility without sacrificing quality. Designed for students with a busy schedule, our programmes allow you to study wherever you are, at a time and pace that suits you.

Receive effective online instruction

Programmes designed for in-person instruction don’t often translate well to virtual learning. That’s why the University of Glasgow specially adapts programmes to the online format. Our expert staff deliver learning in bite sized chunks, allowing you to maximise your education through authentic assignments and peer connections. You will also be able to take advantage of catch-up weeks as well as breaks between terms to remain up to speed with your learning.

Experience a virtual learning environment

Designed to help you get the most out of your online education, our virtual learning environment was built with ease of use and interactive education in mind. The environment is accessible on mobile, tablet or desktop so that learning can take place anywhere.

Collaboration and connection are central to deep learning. The virtual learning environment offers the opportunity to connect with your lecturers and fellow students in addition to a multitude of resources. These include:

  • recorded lectures
  • live seminars
  • videos
  • interactive quizzes
  • journal articles
  • electronic books
  • other web resources

Some of these materials have been specially adapted into alternative formats, which you’ll be able to access in audio, video or transcript form. For further convenience, you can even download some resources to your device.

Build connections with tutors and classmates

Community building and collaborative learning is a key focus of our online delivery. You will be encouraged to interact with your fellow classmates and tutors through:

  • discussion areas in our virtual learning environment
  • video and phone calls
  • live seminars

The University of Glasgow is a Russell Group institution and is active in research and publication. This means that you will learn from experts as well as featured guests who are well-versed in the latest theories and analyses in your field.

Advance with a degree from our renowned institution

By attending the University of Glasgow online, you will receive the same calibre of instruction as on-campus programmes with the added flexibility of distance learning. Following completion of your programme, you will have the option of attending an in-person graduation ceremony in Glasgow or receiving your diploma without leaving home. After graduation, you will possess a highly sought-after credential earned from the renowned University of Glasgow and valued by employers worldwide. To find out more about remote learning at the University of Glasgow, read about our online study options.