Deposit payment advice

Depending on your payment method, the transfer of monies from your account to the University of Glasgow may take a number of business days. Admissions are aware of this and would like to reassure you that we will consider delays in transfer when reviewing your application status. If you have made a payment on or before your deadline, you will not be penalised for any delay in the finalisation of this payment. Withdrawal of offers will only occur once sufficient time has passed for the deposit to reach the University's account and a withdrawal will only be processed if an applicant has not started the payment process by the deadline date.

Completing payment details

We would also like to share some guidance on the completion of our payment screen that you may also find useful:

First Name

22-character maximum field length

Last Name

22-character maximum field length

Email Address

Must be in prefix@domain format i.e.

Country Code

Numeric characters only - no "+" sign

e.g. 44 for UK, 33 for France, 86 for China, etc

Telephone Number

No spaces, dashes or non-numeric characters

Address Line 1/2/3

30-character maximum field length


30-character maximum field length

Postal Code

Equivalent of US zip code

  • UK example code: G12 8QQ
  • Chinese example code: 100000
  • US example code: 90210

If you have any other questions please do not hesitate to complete the enquiry form