Ms Sarah Tipping

  • Research Associate (Sociology)


I am a Research Associate in Sociology at the University of Glasgow. My key projects are within the NIHR Policy Research Unit in Addictions. This work explores gambling harms; using existing survey data and a range of statistical analysis methods to investigate the prevalence, nature and associations of gambling harms and problem gambling with a series of health and wellbeing outcomes. The findings from a number of data sources will be triangulated to build a fuller picture of gambling harms in Great Britain.

Prior to joining the University of Glasgow I worked in the field of social research as a professional statistician and data analyst, working both for research agencies and as an independent researcher and consultant. I have over twenty years’ experience in conducting research into public policy and practice and carrying out advanced analysis of complex data.

Research interests

My research interests include:

  • Understanding gambling harms and problem gambling.
  • Understanding the nature of gambling harms for those at low or moderate risk (the prevention paradox).
  • The impact of gambling on individuals, affected others, and wider communities.
  • Incorporating a public health framework into gambling research.

I have an interest in the statistical methods used to analyse survey data, particularly around complex modelling and longitudinal analysis. I also have an interest in survey methodology: survey design, clustered data, mode effects, missing data and attrition, and how this impacts on data representation.