Dr Liyuan Zhuang

  • Tutor in Social and Public Policy (Urban Studies)


I am a Tutor in Urban studies. I have two M.Sc. degrees (International Planning Studies and Urban and Housing Practice) from the University of Glasgow. I completed my PhD in Urban Studies which focused on neighbourhood attachment and social participation in Chinese cities. I am primarily a qualitative researcher, with interests in the area of urbanisation and its social challenges, such as urban inequalities, social exclusion, neighbourhood poverty, and urban governance.

Research interests

  • Neighborhood studies
  • Social cohesion and participation
  • Urban transformation
  • Chinese Cities



SPP 1B Understanding Glasgow (PUBPOL 1011)

SPP 1A Foundations of Welfare (PUBPOL 1010)

Urban Conservation(URBAN 5126)

Global Cities (URBAN 5014)

Sustainable Urban Futures (URBAN 5116)

Urban Design & Development (URBAN 5098)

Research Design, Methods, and Ethics (URBAN 5119)

Research Design (SPS5034)

Additional information


Zhuang, L. (2021) Neighbourhood Attachment and Participation in Chinese Cities: A Case Study of Chengdu. Other. University of Glasgow and Dr Liyuan Zhuang.

Sun, Y., Du, Y., Wang, Y., & Zhuang, L. (2017). Examining associations of environmental characteristics with recreational cycling behaviour by street-level Strava data. International journal of environmental research and public health, 14(6), 644.