Dr Liyuan Zhuang

  • Tutor in Social and Public Policy (Urban Studies)


Liyuan has two M.Sc. degrees (International Planning Studies; and Urban and Housing Practice) from the University of Glasgow. Liyuan completed her PhD in Urban Studies in 2021, and her research work is related to neighbourhood attachment, social participation and urban governance in Chinese cities. Liyuan has lectured and tutored on more than 10 undergraduate and postgraduate courses in Urban Studies. She is also a reviewer of the ethics committee for the School of Social and Political Sciences. 

Research interests

  • Social and public policy
  • Neighbourhoods, residential mobility and spatial segregation
  • Social cohesion and participation
  • Chinese Cities

Research groups


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I am very happy to supervise PhDs in:

  • Urban policy
  • Neighbourhoods and urban segregation, residential mobility, neighbourhood attachment and neighbourhood effects
  • Social participation
  • Chinese Cities

I work primarily with qualitative methods.

I am currently supervising PhDs:

  • Yuxiao Li (with Nick Bailey and Qunshan Zhao) Understanding the informality and formality in China’s rental-dominated neighbourhoods.
  • Yuhui Du (with Ross Beveridge and Annette Hastings): From Urban Regeneration to Urban Governance: Research on the Democratisation and Public Interest in China's Common Participatory Urban Regeneration Regime.
  • Lingqi Sun (with Amin Kamete): Exploring a Fairer Urban Green Space Planning System in China: A case study of Shanghai.


Course Co-Convenor:

Urban Design & Development (URBAN 5098)



SPP 1B Understanding Glasgow (PUBPOL 1011)

SPP 1A Foundations of Welfare (PUBPOL 1010)

Environment and Climate justice (UG Honours Course)

Urban Conservation(URBAN 5126)

Research Design, Methods, and Ethics (URBAN 5119)

Research Design (SPS5034)

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