Dr Liyuan Zhuang

  • Tutor in Social and Public Policy (Urban Studies)


I am a Tutor in Urban studies. I have two M.Sc. degrees (International Planning Studies and Urban and Housing Practice) from the University of Glasgow. I completed my PhD in Urban Studies which focused on neighbourhood attachment and social participation in Chinese cities. I am primarily a qualitative researcher, with interests in the area of urbanisation and its social challenges, such as urban inequalities, social exclusion, neighbourhood poverty, and urban governance.

Research interests

  • Neighborhood studies
  • Social cohesion and participation
  • Urban transformation
  • Chinese Cities


Zhuang, L. (2021) Neighbourhood Attachment and Participation in Chinese Cities: A Case Study of Chengdu. Other. University of Glasgow and Dr Liyuan Zhuang.

Sun, Y., Du, Y., Wang, Y., & Zhuang, L. (2017). Examining associations of environmental characteristics with recreational cycling behaviour by street-level Strava data. International journal of environmental research and public health, 14(6), 644.



SPP 1B Understanding Glasgow (PUBPOL 1011)

Urban Conservation(URBAN 5126)

Global Cities (URBAN 5014)

Sustainable Urban Futures (URBAN 5116)

Urban Design & Development (URBAN 5098)

Research Design, Methods, and Ethics (URBAN 5119)