Dr Anna Bochorishvili

  • Tutor in Sociology (Sociology)


In 2023, I obtained a doctorate in Sociology from the University of Glasgow, where I was supervised by Professor Nicholas Watson and Dr Nicola Burns. I hold an MSc in Equality and Human Rights from the University of Glasgow, an MA in Mass Communication from the Georgian Institute of Public Affairs, and a Bachelor's degree in Sociology from Tbilisi State University.

As a consultant and researcher, I designed and contributed to various research and policy frameworks, including studies on the values and preferences of trans/gender diverse people for gender-affirming care (2022), day-care center services in Georgia (2017), participation of persons with disabilities in decision-making processes (2016), disability policy development for Care Caucasus (2020), and legal capacity reform assessment in Georgia (2022). In 2016, I led the Disability Advocacy project at Coalition for Independent Living (CIL) in Georgia, where I coordinated multi-sectoral activities and liaised with government authorities, international and local organizations, and other stakeholders involved in disability projects.

Currently, I am a Tutor in Sociology at the University of Glasgow.

Research interests

My doctoral research focused on the effects of intimate relationships on the self-perception and psycho-emotional wellbeing of disabled women. Using 30 qualitative interviews with women who have physical impairments, it critiqued Western literature on intimacy and sexuality and developed a methodological framework that considers the multiple dimensions of the disabled experience.

My research interests include but are not limited to:

Sociology of Disability

Gender and Sexuality

Intimacy and Relationships

Transition in Post-Communist Society

Global East/ East European societies

Qualitative Methods

Critical Realism


I would welcome applications for supervision around the following areas:

  • Disability
  • Mental Distress
  • Gender and Sexuality
  • East European Societies


I started as a Graduate Teaching Assistant (GTA) at the University of Glasgow in 2019 and became a Tutor in 2022. Since then, I have taught various classes in the School of Social and Political Sciences.



Sociology 1A: Self and Society

Sociology 1B: Critical Research in Contemporary Societies

Qualitative Methods in Social Sciences



Research Design

Research datasets

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Bochorishvili, A. (2023) Disabled women’s relationship experiences in Georgia. [Data Collection]

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Additional information



Book Review

Bochorishvili A., 2019. Book Review: Gender in Georgia. Feminist Perspectives on Culture, Nation, and History in the South Caucasus. Europe-Asia Studies, Volume 71:3 Available here.



Bochorishvili A., 2019 სექსუალობა შეზღუდული შესაძლებლობის მოდელების ჭრილში. [Sexuality through models of disability] Available online in Georgian here.

Bochorishvili A., 2019 შეზღუდული შესაძლებლობის მქონე ქალები და სექსუალობა: მოკლე მიმოხილვა [Disabled women and sexuality] Available online in Georgian here.

Bochorishvili A., 2017, Day-care Centres for Disabled Adults and Children in Georgia – Qualitative Research Analysis. ISSA for Child Family Society.
Available online in Georgian here.