About us

Anti-deportation protestors in FranceThe Centre for Research on Racism, Ethnicity and Nationalism inter-disciplinary was established in 2005 to promote the comparative study of the historically specific ways in which racism, ethnicity and nationalism have shaped the development of modern society.


  1. To promote and conduct high quality, inter-disciplinary and multi-disciplinary comparative research on racism, ethnicity and nationalism.
  2. To be an international research facility for the study of racism, ethnicity and nationalism.
  3. To provide a context for debate between researchers, policy makers and practitioners in the region and beyond.
  4. To facilitate capacity building through the intellectual development of the next generation of scholars and practitioners in the area of racism and nationalism studies.

These objectives are pursued through funded research, publications, conferences and seminars and the taught MSc course on Racism and Imperialism. The Centre's launch was marked by a seminar series on Racism, Ethnicity and Social Theory and has been followed by workshops on ‘Racism and Social Theory’ and ‘Racism, Discrimination and Welfare-State Institutions in Denmark, France and the UK'.

Research themes

  • Racism, Nationalism and Modernity
  • Racism, Class and Stratification
  • Racism, Anti-Racism and the State
  • Migration, Diaspora and Social Identity
  • Representation, Imagination and Structural Power
  • Racism, Nationalism and Indigenous Peoples’ Rights

For more details on our activities and aims, download our Intellectual Development Plan 2010-2013 (PDF 156KB)