Sociology Statement on the killing of George Floyd and racism

Published: 9 June 2020

A statement from the Sociology department on the killing of George Floyd and racism

As the staff and doctoral students of the Sociology Subject area at the University of Glasgow, we want to express our collective grief and outrage at the recent brutal killings of George Floyd in Minneapolis, Breonna Taylor in Louisville, and Ahmaud Arbery in Brunswick 

We recognise that Black people and other ethnic minorities both in the US and the UK are over-policed and face disproportionate levels of systemic violence. The deaths of Mark Duggan, Sheku Bayoh and many others are stark and painful reminders of systematic racism in our own society. 

We stand against police brutality. 

We condemn all forms of racism and discrimination. 

We stand in solidarity with our Black and Minority Ethnic students and staff. 

We believe, as powerfully said by many others, that to be silent in the face of oppression makes us complicit in it. 

We therefore renew our commitment to research, teaching and advocacy which seek to understand and dismantle all forms of oppression and inequality. 

We renew our commitment to the pursuit of social justice and racial equality. 

We also recognise that whenever and wherever our professional norms and practices may have excluded, marginalised or silenced others, we must be committed to reviewing and changing them. 



  • Dr Dominic Pasura 
  • Dr Ida Norberg 
  • Satnam Virdee 
  • Matt Dawson 
  • Clare Robertson 
  • Ashli Mullen 
  • Claire Bynner 
  • Lito Tsitsou 
  • Diego Malara 
  • Samuel Brady 
  • Greti-Iulia Ivana 
  • Hayes Mabweazara 
  • Gareth Mulvey 
  • Smina Akhtar  
  • Amanda Ptolomey 
  • Matthew Waites 
  • Fergus McNeill  
  • Cindy Gray 
  • Phillippa Wiseman 
  • Alison Eldridge 
  • Robb Clapp 
  • Tim Winzler 
  • Bridget Fowler 
  • Robert Gibb 
  • Peter Merrington 
  • Jennika Virhia 
  • Sarah Armstrong 
  • Aidan Flegg 
  • Stuart Howley-Milne 
  • Phil Crockett Thomas 
  • Marguerite Schinkel 
  • Nicola Burns 
  • Michele Burman 
  • Sacha van Leeuwen 
  • Richard Brunner 
  • Nughmana Mirza 
  • April Shaw 
  • Natalie Moffat 
  • Maureen McBride 
  • Betsy Barkas 
  • Emiline Smith 
  • Alicia Davis 
  • Lucille Tetley-Brown 
  • Paul Pearson 
  • Andrew Smith 
  • Teresa Piacentini 
  • Catherine Happer 
  • Victoria Palmer 
  • Bridgette Wessels  
  • Jessica Penney 
  • Susan Batchelor 
  • Julie Berg 
  • Kristina Saunders  
  • Giovanni Picker 
  • Panos Theodoropoulos 
  • Thees Spreckelsen 
  • Djihad Abdallaoui 
  • Alistair Fraser
  • Oona Brooks-Hay
  • Martha O’Carroll 
  • Lucy Pickering
  • Madeleine Murtagh
  • Francesca Scrinzi
  • Gerda Reith
  • Chris Bunn
  • Robin Ireland
  • Francesca Stella

First published: 9 June 2020