Intimate Migrations: Lesbian, gay and bisexual migrants in Scotland

Exploring how sexuality may shape intra-European migration through a focus on the lived experiences of LGB migrants who have moved to Scotland from Eastern Europe and the Former Soviet Union.

National Minority Rights and Democratic Political Community

In the 25 years since the fall of communism, a growing number of countries in Central and Eastern Europe have applied or discussed the historic model of non-territorial cultural autonomy (NTCA) as part of their national minority rights policies. Why is this the case, and to what extent can NTCA serve as viable means of accommodating diverse ethno-cultural claims and supporting the emergence of more integrated political communities, both in Central and Eastern Europe and more broadly?

Social Support and Migration in Scotland

This ESRC-funded research project prioritises the (often hidden) migrant voice in both its theoretical and empirical approach. It aims to study perspectives and experiences of ‘social security’ amongst migrants from Central Eastern Europe and the Former Soviet Union in Scotland. It began in November 2013 and will run for four years.

Poland's Kin-state Policies: Opportunities and Challenges

This project will create a network that will bring together experts in order to undertake the first in-depth exploration of Poland’s kin-state policies and situate them better in a broader comparative perspective.

Completed projects