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Our Strategy

Stage One: embedding statistical numeracy across a wide spectrum of existing courses in Social Science and Education by thoroughly integrating the “4Cs” in Quantitative Methods (Core concepts, Creative skills, Critical thinking & Collaborative working) using national/international datasets in all four years of five MA (Social Sciences) degrees (Public Policy, Sociology, Politics, Economic and Social History, Central and Eastern European Studies) and the MA (Education) degree.

Stage Two: Develop new methods courses and badged degrees: including a coherent suite of new data driven courses at Levels 1 to 4, leading to new “with” degrees (e.g. MA Politics with Quantitative Methods, MA Sociology with Quantitative Methods, etc.).  International relations is added into the Social Science courses that can be combined with Quantitative Methods.

Work Placements/ Internships:

We are committed to delivering high quality bespoke internships to our students in a variety of organisations (Governmental and Non-Governmental as well as the private sector). Work Placements are part of our mission to grow and support our students. Internships specialize in data analysis, problem solving and social change.

Stage Three: Consolidating the program.