The Brilliant Club

Students in a lecture

As part of Q-Step's work to expand exposure to quantitative skills, Dr. Niccole Pamphilis has just finished creating a tutorial guide for The Brilliant Club to be used in primary schools across the UK. The guide looks at how to ask relevant questions, apply numbers to collected data, and how to summarise findings. Q-Step is looking forward to see how the programme is taken up in the next academic school year.

The Brilliant Club is a charity that works with schools and universities across the UK with the objective of increasing the number of pupils from underrepresented backgrounds progressing into highly selective universities. Working with The Brilliant Club, Dr. Pamphilis created a programme to introduce P5/6 pupils to statistics and how social scientists collect and work with data. This programme was first delivered in 2019. A case study for the project was created by The Brilliant Club and can be accessed here:

For more information about Q-Step's contribution to The Brilliant Club, please contact; Dr Niccole Pamphilis