SPS Professors win grant from the Volkswagen Foundation

Congratulations to our Professor of Comparative Politics, Sergi Pardos-Prado, who, along with his co-investigator Professor Anja Neundorf, and colleagues, has been awarded a grant of €980,500 for their project on 'Economic Roots of Populism'. The project began in January of 2020 and will last four years. 

On receiving the news, Sergi said 'The theoretical channels connecting economic deprivation with populist voting are surprisingly underdeveloped in political science. Previous research has over-simplified the relationship between economic shocks and populist voting, by comparing the behaviour of the rich vs. the poor, or the high vs the low skilled. This project, at the intersection of politics and economics, will use modern experimental and econometric techniques to study the psychological impact of different forms of relative deprivation and labour market shocks.' 

The project aims to provide a new perspective using modern social science methodology to understand how trade exposure, automation, and different forms of labour-market anxieties, may be behind the rise of populism in Europe.


First published: 18 February 2020

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