SPS PGR students organise BSA postgraduate event

Published: 5 February 2020

PhD students, Molly Gilmour and Jessica Penney, hosted a British Sociological Association Postgraduate event bringing together PGR students, academic staff, and research support staff from across the UK

On Friday 24 January, PhD students, academic staff, and research support staff from across the UK came together for a British Sociological Association (BSA) event on 'Facilitating Holistic Wellbeing in the Research Process' organised by two of our own PGR students, Molly Gilmour and Jessica Penney. The focus of the day was on how sociological research processes, which is a key feature of PGR study, can also be an isoloating and challenging experience for many. 

The event comprised of a PhD Researcher Experience Panel, a Support Services Roundtable, a Collaborative Zine Making Workshop, and a Support Network Envisioning activity. 

The panel refelcted on their fieldwork challenges, such as gender dynamics, and strategies to overcomes them, a popular one being on how to work effectively with interpreters. The roundtable comprised of those who support researchers throughout their fieldwork experience, with the dominant question being 'who has responsibility for PhD researcher welbeing?'. 

Another of our PGR students, Amanda Ptolomey, led the afternoon workshop which gave participants the chance to create a zine that represents what wellbeing in the research process means to them. Researchers were able to find alternative ways to express themselves in a fun and supportive environment. The final session was a support network activity which allowed participants to think about their own worries and challenges, and work together in small groups to find solutions, using the concepts that had been discussed throughout the day. 

Going forward the conversation will continue on social media using #researcherwellbeing. If anyone would like to find out more about the event, presentations, and conclusions please contact Molly or Jessica. 


First published: 5 February 2020

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