New staff member: Linda Fleming

Published: 7 October 2013

Research Associate in Economic and Social History from October 2013

Linda is more recently new, than completely new to the university, having been a post grad student, graduate teacher and researcher in the School of Humanities at various intervals since 1999. She has also been sojourning in the Byres Road area long enough to recall the pre-Waitrose and Simply Food days when the most gourmet lunch to be had was a 'savoury' pie from Diggins Bakery!  

Her doctoral thesis (2005) explored the experiences of Jewish women immigrants to Glasgow in the period 1870-1950 and the operation of gender and class relations within the creation of the city's Jewish community. She is delighted to have returned to the university once more, this time to work with Mark Freeman in Economic and Social History on a major study funded by the AHRC entitled, The Redress of the Past: British Historical Pageants 1905-1916. This is a collaborative research project with colleagues at the University of Strathclyde and King’s College London. Within this study Linda is looking forward to understanding more about the ways in which collective understandings and celebrations of the past have and continue to inform the character of a diverse range of communities.

Linda’s broad research interests are with the social and cultural history of nineteenth and twentieth century Scotland and with women’s and gender history also in this timeframe. She is also an experienced oral history practitioner and this methodology has been integral to many of the studies on which she has worked. Recent research has included working with Dr Louise Jackson at the University of Edinburgh on a social history of community policing in twentieth century Scotland, with Professor Lynn Abrams in the School of Humanities here at Glasgow on the history of social housing in post war Scotland, and with Professor Alistair McCleery at Edinburgh Napier on a social history of reading in modern Scotland.  Linda has published in all of these areas, most recently as co-author and editor of Scottish Women: A Documentary History c1790-1914, which was published by EUP this June. 

First published: 7 October 2013

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