New staff member: Jinhyun Hong

Published: 5 September 2013

Lecturer in Transportation Planning from August 2013

Jinhyun Hong joins the School as Lecturer in Transportation Planning from August 2013.

"My research involves three major fields: land use planning, transportation, and air quality. In specific, my main research question is how land use planning influences people’s travel related choices and pollution from the vehicle use. As a research assistant and staff at the University of Washington, U.S., I have worked on several projects related to travel behavior including vehicle miles traveled and other non-motorized travel activities such as walking and bicycling. My most recent research focuses on the new survey approach (i.e. rolling sample survey) that may substitute for current household travel surveys conducted in U.S. by collecting information continuously.  

In the future, I will continue working on the relationship between built environments, transportation and transportation emissions, and expand this work to public health, including active transportation, safety and access to healthy food. In addition, emissions released from constructing and operating buildings are substantial. Therefore, they will be carefully considered in future work in order to fully address the effects of built environments on emissions from cities."

First published: 5 September 2013

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