Postgraduate Taught Degrees

A student pointing at a chart projected on the wall

Our School leads two Conversion MSc programmes, one of which is shared with the School of Education. We lead the MSc Psychological Science (full-time, based on campus, taught solely by us) and the MSc Psychology via online distance learning (part-time, solely taught online, shared teaching with the School of Education). Conversion MSc programmes are designed for individuals with existing degree qualifications who wish to pivot to a British Psychological Society-accredited career pathway in Psychology, or who wish to enhance their current career with in-depth insight into the core disciplines of Psychology. All Conversion programmes primarily focus on instructing in the core domains and skills required for BPS accreditation, but also provide opportunities to explore some optional and niche areas of Psychology related to the specialisms of our staff. The MSc Psychology (Conversion) programme is delivered part-time across three academic sessions and is taught exclusively via distance learning. This programme can be completed by students anywhere in the world but is tailored to BPS requirements. The MSc Psychological Science (Conversion) is full-time within 12 months and is taught exclusively on campus in Glasgow. Applicants to this programme normally have a science background or a previous science-based degree.  

A student fitting and EEG cap on a subject

The School of Psychology and Neuroscience offers two research-oriented MSc programmes, the MSc in Research Methods of Psychological Science and the MSc in Brain Sciences. The MSc in Research Methods of Psychological Science provides training and experience in an extensive variety of research methods in Psychology, for students who have completed an undergraduate degree in Psychology and wish to pursue further development in understanding and applying behavioural, neuroimaging, quantitative and qualitative research methods and analyses. The programme is team-taught by leading researchers in their field who will help you develop exceptional theoretical, practical, and analytical skills. The MSc in Brain Sciences is ideal for you if you would like to gain interdisciplinary knowledge “from molecules to mind”, to develop research skills in cognitive brain imaging, neuroscience and brain disorders, and conduct a research project with international experts. Students on this programme typically have a background in psychology or neuroscience, but we also welcome students with degrees in biosciences, medicine, pharmacy and engineering, as long as they contain some training in brain sciences and statistics. This multidisciplinary programme is offered on campus only. 

With our passionate sense of community, collegiate attitude, and year-round seminars and workshops, you will leave our programmes with a strong sense of personal development and with the skills and network of collaborators that will afford you the best possible start in your future career in Psychology or Neuroscience.