Medipix - High Energy Physics collaborators deliver technological breakthrough behind world’s most advanced X-ray detector

Medipix-based detectors are the best pixelated X-ray detectors available on the market and are commercialised by PANalytical under the brand name PIXcel. At the core of PIXcel is the Medipix2 chip, which was developed around a photon counting breakthrough conceived by the Medipix collaboration and is unique in its adaptability, high spatial resolution, high dynamic range and low noise.

This product is the direct result of an exclusive license and a collaboration agreement between PANalytical and the Medipix collaboration, coordinated by CERN and comprising a further sixteen leading physics research institutes in Europe. We are the only UK institution to be one of the four founding members of the Medipix1 collaboration.‌

A picture and schematic diagram of the high-sensitivity, low-noise Medipix2 chip.

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First published: 3 December 2013