INAQT network meeting

We are excited to announce that the first in-person meeting of the INAQT network is taking place January 23rd - 25th in Glasgow! 

The main aim of the meeting is to strengthen the network, which consists of a small number of active experts in the field of indefinite causal order (ICO), and many newcomers, experts in various areas of quantum technologies and quantum optics. The planned format aims to encourage meaningful interactions by dedicating time on extended focus talks from ICO experts, as well as invited talks and afternoons reserved for networking and poster sessions. The meeting will run over three days, each with a broad focus on a different aspect of ICO: foundations, implementations, and applications.

Registration is now closed. We are looking forward to welcoming network participants to Glasgow!

Update: Recordings from the meeting are linked after each day of the programme below.


Sunday 22nd January: arrival

1900 optional social meet-up, details TBC

Monday 23rd January: Foundations

0900 - 0915 Welcome  
0915 - 1115 Introductory focus talk with extended discussion: An introduction to indefinite causal order Fabio Costa
1115 - 1130 Coffee break  
1130 - 1200 Invited talk Erika Andersson
1200 - 1230 Invited talk: Quantum diffeomorphisms cannot make indefinite causal order definite Anne-Catherine de la Hamette
1230 - 1400 Lunch  
1400 - 1700 Poster session  

Recordings from day 1 are here:

Session 1 (Fabio Costa)

Session 2 (Erika Andersson and Anne-Catherine de la Hamette)

Tuesday 24th January: Implementations

0900 - 1100 Introductory focus talk with extended discussion: Quantum Photonic Realizations of the Quantum Switch Lee Rozema
1100 - 1115 Coffee break  
1115 - 1145 Invited talk: Quantum Process Tomography on a passively-stable Quantum SWITCH Michael Antesberger
1145 - 1215 Invited talk: Optimal discrimination of quantum measurements Luis Sanchez-Soto
1215 - 1330 Lunch  
1400 - 1700 Networking topics, poster session, board meeting  
1800 Workshop dinner  

Recordings from day 2 are here:

Session 1 (Lee Rozema)

Session 2 (Michael Antesberger and Luis Sanchez-Soto)

Wednesday 25th January: Applications

0900 - 1100

Invited introductory talk: Applications of the quantum SWITCH to quantum metrology and estimation

Giulio Chiribella

Invited talk: Quantum metrology with superposition of configurations

Zhao Xiaobin

Extended discussion session

1100 - 1115 Coffee break  
1115 - 1145 Invited talk: Quantum switch as a thermodynamic resource Łukasz Rudnicki
1145 - 1215 Invited talk: Multiparameter noisy unitary estimation with indefinite causal order Aaron Goldberg
1215 - 1330 Lunch  
  Optional lab tours, departure  

Recordings from day 3 are here:

Session 1 (Giulio Chiribella and Zhao Xiaobin)

Session 2 (Łukasz Rudnicki and Aaron Goldberg)