Victor Ochoa-Gutierrez


My research focus lies on multi-spectral imaging of the human retina and small rodents spinal cord for data inversion contained into spectral images to yield quantified chemical maps, hyperspectral analysis for non-invasive mapping of biomarkers; such as methaemoglobin, oxy­ and deoxy-haemoglobin, by using imaging and spectroscopy techniques for non-invasive multiplexed blood analysis. Research aimed for the creation of low-cost biomedical instrumentation and imaging applications for low resource settings and emergency situations, implementing light propagation Monte-Carlo modelling in the retina and tissues combined with analytical physical models.


Working in a multidisciplinary research team between the School of Engineering and the School of Physics & Astronomy, supervised by Professor Jonathan Cooper and Dr. Julien Reboud - Division of Biomedical Engineering and Professor Andrew Harvey -  Imaging Concepts Group.


I’m quite active on Twitter @VictorJalil sharing events and activities related to my research in biomedical engineering and optics, especially in optics where I’m leading member of the University of Glasgow Optical Society @UofGOS with a great team of PhD colleagues across the University, preparing student conferences,  webinars, outreach activities and more.


Contact Details

Tel: 0141-330-3235

Room 246b, Kelvin Building,
University of Glasgow, Glasgow,
United Kingdom, G12 8QQ