Innovation, Engagement and Enterprise Toolkit for Researchers

Remember that impact does not necessarily mean a REF case study – it is something that we all do and can ask for help for; if you are engaging, working with industry, clinicians, policy makers etc etc – it is likely you are being impactful. Looking after your impact is important for PDR, promotion and standing.

This toolkit has been designed to help you as a starting point in identifying the elements of an impact – that might go on to form an impact case (or might not) and useful contacts for support and funding.

Research impact is the demonstrable contribution that excellent research makes to society and the economy – communities beyond academia. Research impact must represent an evidenced, measurable effect, change or benefit to:

  • activities, attitudes, awareness, behaviour, capacity, opportunity, performance, policy, practice, process or understanding
  • an audience, beneficiary, community, constituency, organisation or individuals outwith the institution
  • in any geographic location whether locally, regionally, nationally or internationally.

Useful Contacts