Frequently Asked Questions


Can I apply to the online pre-sessional with documents such as Duolingo, TOEFL and PTE test reports?  
As the Pre-sessional course is returning to face-to-face teaching, unfortunately we can only accept UKVI IELTS.   

Do I need to pay a deposit?

Do I need to sit an another IELTS after my online course has finished?
There is no need to sit another IELTS after the course.

Can I join the course earlier or later than the entry point recommended in the study guidelines?
Please apply for the course that best suits your level and circumstances.  We will consider your application and aim to offer you the course that is most suited to your level and closest to the entry point you applied for.

Can I upload more than one English test report to my application?
Yes, you can upload several documents as evidence of your level of English.  Our course convenors will use this to inform their decision on your application.

Is the University of Glasgow Pre-sessional English Course report accepted at other Universities?
Yes, often it is. However it is your responsibility to check with the Admissions team of your chosen University.

Does the University of Glasgow accept Pre-sessional English Course reports from other Universities?
Yes, some other pre-sessional reports are accepted. However please check with the Post Graduate Admissions team for confirmation:

After I complete the online Pre-sessional English course, how long will my results be valid for?
Your report will be valid for 2 years.

Course content

How will independent study work? Can length of seminar and tutorial be increased? 5-hour independent study per day seems to be too long, particularly if without interaction with classmates and teachers.

We are offering 90 minutes of face-to-face interaction in small groups (the average class size is 9 students) with a teacher 4 times per week, plus individual tutorials 3 times per block (we offer the same amount of tutorial time same as for our on-campus course). The independent study material is divided into sections and include a wide variety of tasks: texts, audio and video clips plus tasks which involve students interacting independently of the teacher. We estimate that the amount of time students should spend studying on the pre-sessional at 35-40 hours/week. This is standard for a full- time course.

How will face to face interaction take place?

Face-to-face interaction will take place via Zoom in small groups (one instructor plus around 9 students). The duration will be approximately 90 mins, four days per week. Each student will also have a 15-minute individual session with the instructor and the beginning, middle and end of each teaching block.

What about assessment? Is there an exam online at the end of the course or do we need to sit another IELTS?

There is no need to sit another IELTS test at the end of the course. We will assess students online in the four skills. During the course, students will be required to write an extended essay based on information they have gathered from reading texts. We will also monitor students’ speaking ability and their understanding of listening and reading texts during the live sessions and individual tutorials. At the end of the course students will have to write a summary of a reading text and of a listening extract under a time limit and to discuss these in a one-to-one speaking exam.

Will the online course be able to be accessed from all areas and what time zone will this be under?

The online course material should be accessible in all areas.The live sessions will take place in the time period 9am to 1pm GMT.


What equipment do I need? Can I do this on my phone? Students will need a desktop or laptop computer

Minimum computer specifications

  • Processor: 2GHz
  • Memory: 4GB of RAM
  • Hard disk: 250 GB
  • Sound card and microphone plus speakers or headphones
  • Monitor and video card with 1024x768 display or higher
  • Broadband internet connection: 1.5 MBs or higher