English for Study & Communication

English for Study and Communication is a series of workshops available to all students and staff.   These focus on a variety of English language skills and situations, both academic and non-academic.

These sessions are aimed at those whose first language is not English, but anyone is welcome to attend.

Visit the English for Study and Communication Moodle to view the workshop timetable.  The timetable will be updated on a weekly basis.



Workshops are open to anyone with a GUID. They are not credit-bearing and you can attend as many (or as few) sessions as you want. You do not need to prepare for the sessions and there is no homework! There is no charge for the workshops.

Click the link to the course Moodle to see what is on offer.

Places on the workshops are limited by the size of the rooms, so please sign up for the workshop in advance. You can attend without booking, but if a workshop is full, priority is given to those who have booked.


Discussion & Conversation

These sessions are all about using your English to talk with other people. They will include general conversations and more formal discussions on a wide range of topics. The workshops will give you the opportunity to develop your fluency and increase your confidence when speaking in English.

English Language & Study Skills

These workshops will focus on helping you to improve your use of English in specific situations or for specific tasks. You will have the opportunity to suggest situations or features of English use which you would like to be included. While many of these are likely to be academic, we can also look at more general situations or use of the language.


For further details and to enrol in sessions, please visit our course Moodle.

You will also find a variety of support services to help you develop your academic English and study skills at the University's Learning Enhancement and Academic Development Team (LEADS).


  • Workshops do not have to be booked in advance
  • They will not show on your MyCampus timetable
  • If there are any changes to the sessions, these will be announced on the Moodle News Forum

Peer Proofreader Register

Would you like someone to check your written English before you submit coursework, CV or a job/course application?

A register of Peer Proofreaders, who are native speakers with an interest in writing, is available to assist you.  The Peer Proofreader Register is set up to help students connect with proofreaders who are familiar with the University of Glasgow system and who have the necessary skills to check particular texts.

If you are interested in using this service, more information can be found here: https://www.gla.ac.uk/schools/mlc/eas/otherservices/peerproofreaderregister/#

Other Learning Support

Visit the Learning Enhancement and Academic Development Service (LEADS) webpage for information about other learning support in the University.