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Published: 14 December 2020

After the excitement of Nankai University's centenary celebrations last year, the joint programmes between the Universities of Glasgow and Nankai continue to grow in popularity among Chinese students, including Translation Studies.

The joint postgraduate programmes Glasgow University holds with Nankai University continue to flourish, and during a three-day online induction for the new cohort for 2020 there was a large increase in student enrolment to the Joint Graduate School (JGS), with a total number of 128 new students and 83 returning students. SMLC's programme, the only one in the College of Arts, the MSc in Translation Studies Nankai, sustained its previous number of students which had risen steeply from the year before.

Due to COVID and associated travel restrictions, all the University of Glasgow's courses were delivered online in the current year as lecturers have not been able to travel to China as they would under normal circumstances. Delivery of lectures, workshops, tutorials and seminars have been a combination of live and pre-recorded sessions. Staff and students therefore have expended extraordinary efforts in adapting to the new delivery arrangement over the year and staff are continuing to explore new technology for online teaching and learning. It appears, from surveying the students, that they appreciated the huge efforts made on their behalf as 80% were either satisfied or very satisfied with the University of Glasgow online teaching arrangement.

After the first JGS academic conference was held in 2018, and the first research workshop in 2019, research collaboration between Glasgow and Nankai has been developed by focusing on our areas of academic strength and conducting further research workshops, and promoting China Scholarship Council (CSC) PhDs and dual PhDs. Because of this, PhD collaborations between the University of Glasgow and Nankai took off this year starting with two students successfully registering on the dual PhD programme in January in the Collefe of Social Sciences. Twelve candidates from the Joint Graduate School were interested in applying for CSC PhDs for the 2020 intake following six successful candidates last year. There are three new PhD candidates in Translations Studies under the supervision of Professor Susan Bassnett, Professor Laurence Grove, and Dr Enza De Francisci. Research workshops in the next year include one on Translation Studies and Hospitality.

First published: 14 December 2020

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